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Christopher Heald Solution Delivery Manager, BC Financial Services Authority


Address: 754 22nd Avenue East
Vancouver, BC Canada V5V 1V6


Over twenty-five years of technology experience including team leadership, product management and development, solution delivery, software development, and infrastructure support. Very flexible, collaborative, an avid learner, I rapidly adapt to new technologies and methodologies.

I design and develop solutions that support business models and - ideally - drive positive behavior at the same time. I work with partners, clients and organizations to develop technology products and services, and I build the teams that deliver these projects.

Highlights: product co-owner of a complex multi-sector Dynamics 365 CRM solution implementation for the regulation of multiple financial sectors. I helped deliver a modular and extensible professional education management platform that consolidates, automates and replaces several legacy platforms and processes, ahead of schedule and under budget. I was responsible for the design, extension and development of a multi-language competition and campaign platform that drove millions of visits per year, had several hundred thousand users, and that channeled over $500 million in investment to innovators around the world.

I love to create and I love to build: ideas, teams, projects, systems, sites, hardware, furniture, electronics, microcontrollers, applications, flying machines, bicycles, houses, art. I am passionate about this in work and in life.


Product and project management. Strategic thinker. Bridging the big picture and the details. Technology advocacy and management. CRM. Data visualization. Automated and user software testing. Digital product design and development, showcasing organizational knowledge, team building, business continuity, big picture thinking, master of trivia.


  • Team leadership and management
  • Excellent written and spoken communicator
  • Product management, design and development
  • Global/remote/distributed team management and team building
  • Wireframing, specification development, RFP design & management
  • Visual / Graphical / User interface design and development
  • Git, Git flow, Trac, Redmine, Jira, SVN, Agile, Kanban, CI/CD, automated testing
  • Start-ups & social enterprises
  • Azure cloud services, Powerapps, Dataverse, DevOps
  • C#, dotnet, dotnet core, .net MVC
  • HTML5, CSS, PHP, C/C++, Javascript, SQL, mySQL, I ♥ regular expressions
  • CRM: Dynamics 365 and Salesforce configuration and administration
  • Developer management and QA
  • Google Analytics
  • Vendor management / outsourcing
  • Fluently bilingual (French/English)
  • Server / infrastructure management
  • Drupal, Plone, Wordpress content management systems


Solution Delivery Manager - BC Financial Services Authority (BCFSA) 
8 / 2021 - Present

Responsible for ensuring the development of software products that support BCFSA's strategic technology and service plans. Product co-owner of a complex multi-sector Dynamics 365 CRM solution implementation. Representing business and external users to ensure that their needs are heard and incorporated into ongoing development. Leading internal and external developers on integration projects and replacement of legacy systems. Strategically building in-house capacity to manage vendor dependency. Designing and implementing product management frameworks to help build governance models for large multi-stakeholder software projects. Building strategic alliances with vendors, working with them to ensure that BCFSA's interests and needs are met while improving vendors' service offerings.


  • Product management
  • Project discovery, scoping and design
  • Developer team leadership
  • Develop business cases and proposals
  • Define business and technical product requirements and manage end-to-end product delivery
  • Research and develop security and data best practices to minimize exposure to risk
  • Work with vendors and developers to increase effectiveness and productivity
  • Provide coaching and training to internal stakeholders
  • Dynamics 365 development and configuration management
Technical Product Specialist - Real Estate Council of British Columbia
11 / 2019 - 8 / 2021

Responsible for ensuring that the organization is developing and using the software products and platforms that best help it achieve its vision and strategic goals. As part of this work, implement integration opportunities among all lines of business applications, and ensure that they are supporting the strategic technology and service plan. Responsible for the business strategy behind each product, specifying the functional requirements and managing the implementation and deployment of features. Work with all product stakeholders – including users, management, vendors and developers – to ensure that the organization’s software needs are properly assessed, and successfully delivered and maintained.


  • Product and project management
  • Project discovery, scoping and design
  • Current and desired process documentation
  • Project budgeting
  • RFP design and vendor evaluation, shortlisting and selection
Founder & Project Consultant - Collective Step
09 / 2013 - 2019

From design to definition to build to test to delivery, I worked with clients to scope technology projects, define products, and create requirements, documentation, and requests for proposals. I work closely with clients and partners to get to the heart of desired goals and end products, and I set in motion and manage the processes to get them there.

Clients included industry associations, crown corporations, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and outdoor clubs.


  • Product and service design
  • Product and project management
  • Project discovery, scoping and design
  • Current and desired process documentation
  • Market research
  • Project budgeting
  • Internal and external communications
  • Change management
  • RFP design and vendor evaluation, shortlisting and selection
Ashoka Changemakers -
03 / 2008 - 11 / 2013
Technology Director

Co-director of a Washington, DC-based global platform and program that connects investor partners to innovators around the world. Responsible for making sure that is running smoothly. Worked with my team of technologists and our developers to design and create new products to add to Changemakers’ and Ashoka’s suite of online tools for sourcing and growing innovations. Changemakers has helped innovators source over $500 million in support for their projects.

Charged with extending and replicating the business and product models to drive change and impact at the largest scale possible. To that end, along with my team, we designed and built products that provided value to an ever-broader range of audiences. We replicated our platform for partners in Minnesota, Israel, Continental Europe, and for internal Ashoka programs.


  • Responsible for thriving customized Drupal-based online social change platform with multi-million dollar per year product model, managing work produced by internal team and two separate external development firms
  • Management of a global technology and developer team
  • Oversaw two major releases of the platform, with significant-to-complete architectural, feature, and visual redesigns. Provided initial research, developing requirements and specifications, writing RFP, selecting vendors, managing internal team and contractors (designers, interactive firms, developers, other specialists)
  • Coordinated release of platform from English-only to English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish (localized and translated)
  • Oversaw design and development of API to allow off-site interactions and applications hosted by clients and partners
  • Designed service level agreements (SLAs) for white label/turnkey/SaaS services
  • Designed user data privacy policies and practices for developers and staff
  • Closed multiple 6-figure deals with partners and clients
  • Oversaw scaling of software and hardware from single shared sever to production and staging environments, Git repository, weekly code deployment, server optimization, caching, content distribution networks, virtualization (and de-virtualization :) )
  • Designed service level agreement, systems and procedures to ensure maximum uptime and disaster recovery, including database redundancy and time-delayed replication
  • Oversaw Drupal-to-Salesforce integration of user data and activity, using Jitterbit ETL middleware platform
  • Lead weekly multistakeholder product development group meetings
  • Quality assurance, review and testing of developer code
Independent IT Consultant
1999 - 2008

Strategic technology guidance and IT support specializing in small businesses and not-for-profit organizations. I focused on helping organizations grow their IT infrastructures when growing from startup phase. I designed and built systems to facilitate and support organizations at pivot points as they reached their next stage of growth (5 or more years since inception, growth from less than 10 to 10-20 or more staff.)


  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Windows Server
  • Microsoft Small Business Server
  • Linux administration (configuration, Sendmail, Apache, Nagios, VNC)
  • Networking, wifi, repeaters, VPN, remote desktop, VoIP
  • Microsoft Access development
West Coast Environmental Law -
10 / 1993 - 02 / 2008
Systems Administrator

I joined West Coast Environmental Law in 1993 to help bring the West Coast library online, in the days before the Web. Thankfully, a lot has changed since then.

I was responsible for blending the physical and the digital, bringing collections of publications online, first through dial-up systems, and then via the web. Supporting this work, I was also responsible for West Coast's network and technology (from the days of server installs from stacks of floppy disks, Arcnet, Novell Netware and coaxial cable onwards), for creating and keeping the organization's website up to date, for creating and maintaining a ColdFusion-based dynamic web library, and for publishing West Coast's books, briefs, papers, and newsletter. Work included:


  • Web design and development
  • Pre-press and print design production, managing the process from raw text to final print, including copy editing, visual design, layout, image selection, prepress and press management
  • Publications distribution, via mail for books and newsletters, and via email for e-newsletter
  • Microsoft SQL, Exchange, Windows server
  • CRM support and custom development (
  • Remote access for staff and administration
  • ColdFusion dynamic content development
  • Network administration
  • Hardware procurement and Vendor management
  • CRM
  • Folio Views
IMPACS - Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society (defunct)
08 / 2003 - 03 / 2007
Technology manager

I helped IMPACS transition its website from a proprietary content management system to Plone, inlcuding a visual and architectural redesign. Helped transition organization from a legacy CRM system to Salesforce. Managed, edited, contributed to and distributed IMPACS’ monthly e-newsletter, with a near-40% open rate. Provided infrastructure support, from file servers (Microsoft and Linux) and mail servers (Exchange) to phone systems and networks. Provided technical expertise on client communications projects via the IMPACS Communications Centre.


  • Website support, content and design, using HTML, custom content management systems, Plone
  • CRM support, conversion from desktop CRM to
  • Editorial, writing
  • Microsoft Windows and Exchange Server
  • E-newsletter copywriting, design and distribution
  • Deployment of CRM
  • Network and technology support
ONE/Northwest / (defunct)
09 / 1998 - 01 / 1999
Network Trainer

Technology consultant for a multi-organization Vancouver networking project. Visited pre-selected environmental groups, surveyed existing software and hardware, wrote upgrade plans with budgets, and then performed upgrades and training.


  • Software & IT planning
  • Network and technology support
  • Hardware deployment
Communicopia -
02 / 1996 - 09 / 1998

Web site design, creation and maintenance at a leading Vancouver web design shop; graphic design; online database development using Microsoft Access and Allaire’s Cold Fusion.


  • Coldfusion dynamic site development
  • Website support, content and design
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic prep, Photoshop
Comtext International -
10 / 1991 - 08 / 1994
Sales Agent, Representative and Technician

Sales, service and customer support for North American clients of a worldwide PC based text-to-fax and text-to-telex network. On call for hardware, network and software assistance, and telephone support. Installation and training service for new customers. Responsible for western Canadian and American clients.


  • Text-to-fax
  • Text-to-telex
  • Satellite protocols
Jaykin Technologies Inc.
07 / 1991 - 12 / 1992
Technical Writer and Editor

Writing, editing and layout of documentation for an X-Windows terminal emulator for the PC (Hummingbird eXceed/DOS). OEM conversion of documentation for a line of PC-based oscilloscope cards. Translation of French documentation and technical reports into English. General computer and software upkeep and maintenance.



May 2018
Certification, Data8.1x: Foundations of Data Science: Computational Thinking with Python
Concordia University, Montreal
1988 - 1991
BA, Journalism, Political Science (dual majors)

Photography club - founder.

Student press:

  • the Link - news reporter
  • the Concordian - entertainment reporter
Vanier College, Montreal
1986 - 1998
DEC: Social Science, Science, Math & Computer Science

Fortran, C, Pascal, Calculus, Algebra.

Affiliations & Community

Member, Emerging Leaders Working Group, Thrive Project; Board member, Jules Verne High School PAC (2012-2021); Board member, Service de Garde les Copains (2005-2009); Advisory board member, ONE/Northwest (Groundwire) (1999-2001)


Technology, hardware hacking (Arduino, Internet of things, 3d printing, data capture, social behavior incentives), photography, travel, tennis, avid passion for outdoor activities: backcountry skiing, ski mountaineering, mountain/road/gravel biking, hiking, climbing.


  • French ( Native/bilingual proficiency )
  • English ( Native/bilingual proficiency )